Birth Wisdom Yoga TM 
Prenatal Yoga Class Offerings
Wednesdays  10:00 AM to 11:15 AM
Yoga Class is outside. Contact Julia to pre-register, and for directions.
Post-partum Private Yoga Classes
Contact Julia for more information.

Pre-registration required

Private Classes
$150 per 90 minute session

Venmo Account is @julia-piazza-4


Birth Wisdom Yoga Class Descriptions

(Please check with your doctor or midwife prior to beginning prenatal or postpartum yoga to determine if it is safe for you and your baby to participate.)

Birth Wisdom Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

Birth Wisdom Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Classes prepare women for pregnancy, delivery and birth. Each class includes:

  • visualization

  • “birth breathing”

  • meditation

  • journaling

  • sharing circle in a supportive, nurturing environment

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga poses that create space in the pelvis for mom and baby in childbirth are practiced

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga poses that lengthen and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for labor, childbirth and the postpartum healing period.

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     "I love Julia and Birth Wisdom Yoga. I stumbled across her website when I was looking for prenatal yoga closer to where I live (about 45 minutes from Folsom), and decided to give her class a try just to see if it would be worth the drive. Not only was it well worth the drive, I honestly would go more than twice a week if more classes were offered! Julia creates such a warm and welcoming environment and the class is truly a sanctuary amid the stress that can accompany pregnancy. She's so knowledgeable and helpful. The classes are healing and informative -- I haven't had any sciatic nerve pain since devoting myself to the exercises and stretches that she recommends. Her doula knowledge is so fully integrated into the yoga classes that I come out of each class not only invigorated but also more informed and empowered."

Danielle Duckett Elk Grove, CA

     "Julia’s yoga flow reached me physically and emotionally. It gave me a feeling of safety and well-being for my baby and me.” 

Amber Ferrierra, West Sacramento, CA

     "I began Birth Wisdom Yoga during the 2nd trimester of my third pregnancy. Having been through pregnancy two other times I can say with confidence that what is practiced in Birth Wisdom Yoga contributes to a smooth pregnancy. The yoga flow stretched my fatigued muscles, the breath work prepared me for breathing during labor, and the guided mediation allowed me to bond with my baby."

Sara Senior, Folsom, CA

Birth Wisdom Postpartum Vinyasa Yoga

Bring your baby (6 weeks to 12 months old or cruising) to class:

  • You will find sanctuary and the support of the Birth Wisdom Community of Women on your mat.

  • Postpartum Vinyasa Yoga Flow nurtures the mother back onto her mat through gentle flow/yin poses and abdominal work to heal and strengthen the entire core area.

  • Women's Wisdom support circle provides community, comfort and answers to questions that arise weekly. 

  • Special emphasis on healing and protecting the abdominal muscles with modifications for common yoga poses to avoid creating a Diastasis Recti (separation of the stomach muscles).

  • Special emphasis on yoga poses that support healing the pelvic floor muscles.


This is a very fluid class as we never know what the babies may do! Don't worry about your baby crying as Julia takes turns holding babies so mom's can get their breath and yoga flow in.

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     "After my pregnancy, it took me a while to feel strong or steady enough to do yoga again, but luckily, Julia was teaching a post-natal mommy & me yoga class, so I decided one day to go and spend it in child's pose if I must. It was a great decision. Julia really makes an effort to get to know the moms and babies, and to cultivate a sense of community  through our shared experiences. I loved the sharing circle, just hearing about what other moms were going through or what their babies were doing really broke the isolation of suddenly being home all day with a non-verbal baby! And Julia coached me through poses that really helped some issues I was having with my back, which was so vital at a time when I was constantly bending down and picking up the baby."

     "The best part for me, other than the physical benefits of yoga, was seeing how much my baby enjoyed being in the yoga class and watching me stretch and hold poses. He was overjoyed when Julia would pick him up and carry him around the room as she directed the class. They don't call her the "Baby Whisperer" for nothing! JULIA IS MAGIC!  She really calms babies and they just love her."

Akimbo J. Folsom, CA