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Birth Wisdom Yoga TM   For Your Baby, For Your Life     

Welcome to Birth Wisdom Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga!


My heart has led me to develop a uniquely personal yoga flow and visualization series that prepares mothers physically, mentally and spiritually for pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Birth Wisdom Yoga combines “doula wisdom,” nurturing yoga flows, and the coaching strategies learned from two decades of training competitive figure skaters. My students feel safe, confident, grounded, and connected. This results in women who are inspired to "own their birth experiences."

Prenatal Yoga & Pelvic Floor Yoga Remedies Specialist, international author, and Birth Doula Julia Piazza provides a complete prenatal yoga and birth preparation guide with over 35 beautiful photos of yoga poses and their proper modifications which provide remedies for common ailments that will keep moms and babies safe while practicing yoga.

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BWY Yoga Classes

Pilates Stretches

Are you hosting a Teaching Training?  Contact us for a Prenatal Postpartum Module to make the training even more spectacular.

Are you interested in becoming a Birth Wisdom Prenatal Yoga Certified Teacher?  Sign up now for the next 30-Hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education in Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Yoga Training Now!


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