My Journey To Be Here With You

Empowering women and their partners throughout the birth process is my most sacred work. As a volunteer doula for Sutter Davis Hospital, I witnessed the transformative power of pregnancy and birth that gave women the clarity and strength to guide, nurture and care for their families. After completing my Birth Doula Certification through DONA in 2004, I had an inspired realization that there is wisdom from the pregnancy and delivery process that relate to both genders and all stages of life.

As I witnessed the healing power of birth for women, I simultaneously studied and discovered the physical and spiritual healing of yoga. For this reason, I completed a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and an 85-hour Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training registered with Yoga Alliance. 

For the last 20-years I have worked serving thousands of women and their partners through Birth Doula Work, Birth Wisdom Prenatal and Postpartum yoga classes, Birth partner & “Dudela” workshops, Healing Yoga for Women, Teen Goddess classes, Keeping Pregnant Women Safe in Yoga Classes for Yoga Teacher Trainings and Birth Wisdom Yoga Teacher Trainings. All of this culminated in the completion and publishing of my book Birth Wisdom Yoga, which was voted number one Prenatal Yoga Book by Book Authority in 2020, as featured on CNN, Forbes and Inc..


Supporting and Protecting Pregnant Women


While working with women extensively through-out the childbearing years and beyond, I found that many women have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I began to research and seek out experts in the field, attending workshops and certifications with PHD’s in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, resulting in my certification in Pelvic Floor Corrective Exercises. Once I began to speak to the women in my classes about Pelvic Floor dysfunction and symptoms, I sadly found many women are in pain and discomfort daily, although not many women speak about it.

As I began offering Pelvic Floor Retreat Days for all Women, I found that women in every stage of life can benefit from the research-based yoga poses, exercises and everyday movement pattern corrections I offer. Women communicate to me that they “feel hopeful” for the first time in years, after learning the techniques and exercises in my sessions.  They feel empowered to know that they can support and heal their pelvic floor muscles for life.


 Additionally, I specialize in the research and teaching of positions to create space in the pelvis for baby during labor.  Helping my students to understand that the pelvis is not “static,” but, rather, very fluid during childbirth, creates a mindset that supports mom moving freely in labor. The more mom can change the shape of her feet, finding pelvic circles on hands and knees, using the wall or her partner, and sitting on a birth ball, the more she can help her baby to turn and rotate freely during childbirth. My clients learn specific ways to modify these movements for various stages of labor.


I am thrilled to be offering Pelvic Floor Doula Packages. I have had three natural births myself, two of them water births. I am a believer in the power of a woman’s body to birth her baby, along with the sacred space we can create for her to do so. I also have seen women suffer in labor, so I educate my clients in the difference between “pain with a purpose” and “suffering” in labor.

 I respect and understand that sometimes a woman may need a little help to find her way to her baby. What matters the most I have found, is that she feels supported, empowered, and like her voice is heard during the birth process. I am not hired to speak for you. I am hired to support you and your partner so that you both feel like you “owned your birth.” What does “owning your birth” mean? It means you are informed and supported by the people around you. You know what you need and you do it.  It means you ask questions, and make informed decisions with your partner if interventions are presented to you.


I have created a Birth Partner Workshop manual to provide my clients with the following tools for “owning their birth”:

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga Birth Breathing and Softening

  • Hands-on teaching of comfort measures for back labor and discomfort in labor.

  • Photos and the teaching of research-based poses to create space for baby during childbirth.

  • Positions for mom for the pushing phase of labor that optimize room for baby in the lesser pelvis.

  • How to advocate peacefully for a positive birth experience.

  • Informed consent questions with specific ways to advocate with your care provider if interventions are recommended.

  • Supporting mom through each stage of labor.

  • Creating Intimate Space for Mom and Baby

  • Decisions to discuss with your care provider before the birth.

  • Discussion of all of your plans, concerns and questions, to help ensure you have clarity moving forward. 

  • When to go to the birth center and what it will look like when you arrive there.

  • Tips for nurturing yourself after your baby is born.



I am currently offering Birth Wisdom Yoga Birth Doula packages that include the following:


1. Meet and Interview Appointment, in-person or by phone.  

2. Prenatal Appointment which includes my very popular Birth Partner and “Dudela” training workshop, so your partner will learn everything they need to know to support you mentally and physically in birth.

3. Each couple will receive a copy of my book, Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies and Journal to prepare weekly for birth.

4. A copy of the Birth Partner Training Guide.

5. A Birth Wisdom Yoga Meditation to practice during pregnancy.

6. Doula Support during your entire birth. 

7. Postpartum Appointment Check-in after the birth. We will assess breast-feeding and or feeding support, emotional support and any questions that may be arising for mom or dad during the first week at home. This appointment can be in person or over the phone.

8.  One to six Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Pelvic Floor Yoga and or Mommy and Me Yoga Classes, depending on package purchased. 




  • $2,200.00 for package above and one of the following classes: Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Pelvic Floor Yoga, or Mommy and Me Yoga Class at or after six-weeks postpartum.

  • $2,500.00 for package above and three of the following classes: Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Pelvic Floor Yoga, or Mommy and Me Yoga Class at or after six-weeks postpartum.

  • $2,800.00 for package above and five of the following classes: Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Pelvic Floor Yoga, or Mommy and me Yoga Class at or after six-weeks postpartum.


  • Additional Prenatal, Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Yoga classes can be purchased at a discounted rate of 100.00 for each 90-minute session.

  • Financial Aid is available for families in need.


Payment for services:


  • Half of payment for Birth Doula Services is due on day of signing agreement to hire Julia, and second half is due on the first day of the birth month. I do not bill for second half of payment at postpartum appointments due to years of experience with new families and the “blur” of the first few weeks of parenting. The last thing I want to do is ask for a couple to step out of the beautiful bubble of life with a new baby to pay me.