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Kerbal Space Program |BEST| Cracked 0.23

Dec 14, 2013 Kerbal Space Program is the best game there is. Then. I don't use mods and the game crashes every 10 minutes. Jun 19, 2013 I can't find the pattern. I am guessing it is a pattern. How do I make sure I don't use it? Any ideas? . Aug 10, 2013 Kerbal Space Program. Build your own rocket and launch it into space! Kerbal Space Program is the ultimate game of space exploration. Oct 6, 2014 I did know that the save file is broken but I didn't care because it worked in the end. But the frustrating thing is that the game. Sep 5, 2014 Fix the save file so that it doesn't break in the next update. I am also going to ask for the KSP team to include . May 23, 2015 All I do is lose my stuff because the game can't save anymore, its all broken now. I have been working on it for almost 2 weeks and I am done. Jan 6, 2015 The game will not play on Windows 7. Once I have my.ksv file fixed, I will post the updated.ksv file . Mar 5, 2016 Updated the.ksv file so that it should not break with the next update. I also made a few changes to the.ksp file, so. Feb 1, 2016 Why didn't they notice that for 4 years. It doesn't matter if the save is broken or not because the game is broken! You need . Jun 13, 2018 I'm also having problems with it. The problem started about 3-4 years ago. The save file became corrupt, crashed,. May 1, 2013 The save file is entirely corrupt. I've lost every important mod in the game and all of the.ksv file is messed up. Help me. May 3, 2013 Save file is corrupt and not saving data. I've had the problem for some time. I've spent hours trying to fix it. Nov 19, 2012 5 YEARS AND 4 MONTHS LATER..still no response from the Kerbal Space Program team. I've done everything they asked me to do and I still lost all my work. I can't find my.ksv files. Jan 12, 2016 This video is taking longer than expected. I


kerbal space program cracked 0.23

Dec 27, 2013 0.24.2 Will be released this week (yesterday). Many problems were fixed. . Dec 29, 2013 0.24.2 Released! In this release, there are a lot of fixes, including jacked up camera. . Jan 1, 2014 0.25. Fixed bug in the new Sun Camera model. Fixed objects rendering glitch on the front of the nacelle. Jan 2, 2014 0.25. Fixed broken camera roll on Earth. It is no longer docked.. Jan 3, 2014 In the previous versions, LZ-DAK is an unstable platform (not good) when starting a build on a new play.. Jan 4, 2014 There is a problem with the Cargo/Equip on wing. You need to check each part after launching. I will fix this bug soon. Jan 5, 2014 Fixed many bugs in 0.25. Jan 6, 2014 Kerbal Space Program: The community behind the project. The KSP Development Team has stated on Reddit that they'll fix the ship graveyard in 0.25. Jan 9, 2014 Cargo crashing with engine at a full tank. I need to fix this one (for real) soon. Jan 9, 2014 With 0.23.5, you can get explosions in the moon after the normal explosion. I've fixed it (was caused by 0.23.4 and re-released 0.23.5), but I don't have enough time to fix all of the bugs before 0.23.6 release. Jan 10, 2014 Fixed the bug with the old Sun camera (with coma). Jan 11, 2014 0.25. I'm going to start to work on 0.26 (0.26.1 probably). 0.26 will be the next major version of Kerbal Space Program. Jan 17, 2014 0.25.1. Fixed a bug that caused all the crew members to have errors in the arm. Jan 24, 2014 0.25.2. Fixed a bug with rocket engines. Jan 26, 2014 0.25.3. Fixed a bug that caused the nose-view camera to have vertical shift when on the surface of the atmosphere. Feb 1, 2014 0.26.1 will be released soon. This is a

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Kerbal Space Program |BEST| Cracked 0.23

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