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Become part of the Birth Wisdom Yoga community of women serving women! 

Birth Wisdom Yoga Teacher Certification


Yoga Alliance 30-hour Continuing Education in

Pregnancy Yoga & Birthing Yoga

Days and Times:

Our Training at Bala Yoga in Seattle will be rescheduled. More information to come.

Bala Yoga in Kirkland/ Seattle, Washington

Wednesday,  TBD, 2021,     9:00-5:00

Thursday,      TBD, 2021,   11:00-8:00

Friday,            TBD, 2021,   11:00-8:00

Saturday,       TBD, 2021,   11:00-7:00

Register through the studio.

This training will include:

  • The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy you need while working therapeutically with pregnant clients.

  • How to support women through the many changes they undergo physically and mentally while pregnant, and the Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies that ease common pregnancy ailments.

  • The anatomy of the pelvic floor and how to strengthen the pelvic floor with yoga poses, for pregnancy and the postpartum healing period.

Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of a variety of therapeutic yoga remedies for pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Asanas to build stability, endurance and strength for the "marathon of labor and child birth."

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga poses for optimal positioning of baby, while also creating space in the pelvis for mom and baby during labor.

  • Birth Wisdom Prenatal Yoga Flows for teaching multi-level prenatal classes.

  • How to develop your own postnatal community of women and design postnatal classes.

  • Understanding how to hold space for women in prenatal yoga classes while guiding them to "own their birth experiences."

  • Meditations and visualizations to use in prenatal yoga classes, labor and childbirth.

  • Guiding women to find a rhythm with their breath and movement in yoga poses, which many women report becomes "their lifeline" in labor.

  • How to use the Eight Birth Wisdom's from Julia's book, Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies and Journal to create sacred space in the yoga and birthing room. 

Certification open to yoga teachers who have completed a 200-hour teacher training. Birth and health professionals serving women who would like a deeper understanding of prenatal yoga for labor and childbirth welcome.


  • All graduates will receive a Birth Wisdom Yoga Prenatal Teacher Certification Certificate.

  • Upon completion you will be able to register 30 Continuing Education Units in Pregnancy Yoga & Birthing Yoga (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance(YA) with completed 200-hour yoga teacher training, registered with YA.

  • Can be used as an elective for 300-hour yoga teacher trainings.

  • All graduates will receive ongoing support and community in the Birth Wisdom Yoga Teacher's Facebook group and discounts on Annual Retreats.


Required Texts:

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies and Journal by Julia Piazza

  • Keeping Pregnant Women Safe in Yoga Classes by Julia Piazza

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga Birth Partner Training Manual by Julia Piazza

*All three required texts included with early registration before September 1st.


Recommended Reading:

  • Preparing for a Gentle Birth, The Pelvis in Pregnancy by Blandine Calais-Germaine and Nuria Vives Pares

  • Pelvic Liberation by Leslie Howard

  • Ina May's Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

  • The Female Pelvis, Anatomy & Exercises by Blandine Calais-Germain



  • $875.00

  • $775.00 (Early Bird Price. Email Julia for discounted dates.)

  • Now accepting deposits of 250.00 to secure your enrollment. Space is limited. (non-refundable).

Prenatal & Postpartum Teacher Certification
Keeping Pregnant Women Safe In Yoga Classes

Keeping Pregnant Women Safe In Yoga Classes

3-hour Yoga Teacher Training Module

Workshop includes

  • Hands-on practice of over 30 Yoga Poses, and Modifications for keeping mom and baby safe in Yoga Classes

  • Discussion of the ways to navigate questions from pregnant women about pregnancy, health and yoga

  • Explanation of the common ailments in pregnancy such as Diastasis Recti and Breech Baby and their yoga remedies

  • Understanding and identifying when there is an emergency

  • Keeping Pregnant Women Safe in Yoga Classes Reference Guide

  • Julia’s “Doula Tips” from over 20 years working as a labor and birth doula

  • This workshop is intended for yoga teachers, doulas and birth professionals. A general knowledge of yoga poses is required.

  • An excellent addition to yoga teacher trainings

If you are sponsoring a teacher training and want this module for you and your students, please contact Julia Piazza at

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